More About S.U. '23

S.U. '23 6-28 August

An annual gathering for experimental, cross-disciplinary learning, a zone of autonomy to produce knowledge, together, in the open. All are invited to attend for any part of the programme, but space is limited, so book soon!

Summer University at PAF has been many different things over the last 10 years or so. Following on from the 2022 edition, SU Reboot, also this year’s programme will come with no assigned themes and will hold all disciplines, formats and wishes together in one three-week long schedule.

There will be a number of things running each day and at any one time, alongside ongoing labs. Participants are welcome to add to and expand on the programme on site. Sundays will be off.

More About PA-F

PAF (= Performing Arts Forum) is a place for professional, not-so professional and non-professional practitioners in the field of performing arts, visual art, literature, music, new media, social and environmental activism, theory and cultural production, and scientists who seek to research and determine their own conditions of work. PAF is for people interested in mobilising their own artistic/knowledge production not only by responding to the opportunities given by the institutional market.

Initiated and run by artists, theoreticians, and practitioners themselves, PAF is an 18-year-old experiment in collectivity and emergent organisation. Neither a production-house, performance venue nor a formal research centre, it is a platform for who wants to expand the possibilities of their working practice.

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Prices and bookings:

Prices to attend the Summer University are as follows:

For individuals 18€ per night per bed if you stay more than 5 nights; otherwise 20€ per night.

14€ per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Event fee:
10€, regardless of length of stay.

PAF Membership:
12€ per year.

There will be an excellent team of cooks, who will need help from all of us.

Meals at Summer University are simple, driven by vegetables, sourced locally and in season. Join the chefs in the kitchen to cook, dance and have conversations about the the food you love.

Unfortunately PAF is not a fully accessible space from a mobility perspective, but we will do our best to accommodate the needs of attendees. Please reach out to nsarnelle<at> with any specific questions or requests.

For many years, PAF was not in the practice of hosting children, as the facility presents risks to unsupervised explorers (it’s a very old building). We are in the process of changing this, but this is not without its challenges. If you wish to attend with a small one and participate in working out how to do that, please get in touch.

We can only accept payments in cash or French cheques, so bring it along (there is an ATM in the village).

Write to with the dates you would like to attend.
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