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DDD Press

Dog Days Discourse - a collectively created newspaper - brings you the latest breaking dance news from SU23. Join the press office as a writer, editor or printer ++, and cover the latest dance exclusives, dance sport, dance celebrities, dance gossip, dance showbiz, dance politics, dance business and dance lifestyle at the University.
Radio Pavo

A pulse echoes beyond PAF, as the ephemeral inhabitants of Summer University experiment in knowledge transfer and broadcast. With temporary transmissions emerging from the collective strands of spontaneous and organised inquiry, there is an invitation to attend aspects of the programme online.

What is domestic anarchism?
intimate thinking, but in public-ish

A series of conversations with invited guests around the topic of Domestic Anarchism and what it could mean in aesthetic expressions and parenthood. Recorded live for a pilot of DA Podcast. Probably an improvised concert of podcast jingles and a dance practice at the end of transmission.